I am the Storm!

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I think I am back on board…

The last events snatched a lot of energy out of me.

Remember, even when you don’t understand all of the details of the plan … God does.




Thank you, lord!

Sometimes it’s easy to lose hope when you don’t fully understand God’s plan.

It’s also easy to lose hope when you are unsure if your plan is in alignment with His plan.

But keep talking to God.

Keep listening.

Keep believing.

Keep putting in the work.

Know that He is with you.


Another Day!

Thank you for another day of life. Thank you for all of the blessings & gifts that you prepared for me. Someone didn’t wake up this morning. That someone could have been me.

Be Patient

Sometimes the door doesn’t open because you weren’t ready to go through it yet.

Be Patient!

There is something to learn from every experience even when you think it’s the worst moments of your life.

Be patient.

That moment is your teacher!

Learn from it

Be patient.

HEal from it

Be patient.

The door that you are trying to opening may stay closed…

But guess what

In life, there are many doors that may stay closed so that you will get on the right path to the right door.

You will cross many paths…

Stay patient

If God Brings you to it

He will bring you through it.

Be patient.

Keep in mind the door that you are trying to open,

Just might not be the door meant for you!

Your Journey!

Be patient

And the right door will open!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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